Tap Chuck Torque Adjustment Instructions
By CHUMPOWER  2018/03/30
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Before delivery, CHUMPOWER company will adjust the tap chuck to the best torque values according to the size. Before operating, the user must follow the sizes of the tap chuck tools and workpiece material processing item, as well as the sizes of the selected square holes to decide cutting speed so as to maintain the accuracy of tap tools effectively and extend the using lives of tools.

The simple standard cutting speed formula is as follows:
Vc = m/min. (meter/minute)
Revolution speed = Vc x 1000/(d x 3.14) r.p.m
d = diameter of milling cutter, diameter of drill, diameter of turning workpiece (mm)
Tapping feed speed: Revolution speed x Pitch

Torque test of tap chuck and the methods are as follows:
1. Fix the tap chuck adapter with lock knife block and then insert tap chuck inside so that it won’t rotate.
2. When doing the test, remove the C-shaped buckle first.
3. Insert the torque test bar into the tap chuck so as to snap the square part at the front end of the test bar completely.
4. Use the torque test bar and torque adjustment wrench to pull wrench clockwise and test the torque.
5. If the torque value is below standard, adjust the nut with compass wrench. Turning clockwise can make the nut rotate downward. Extruding shrapnel can increase the torque value.
6. If the torque value exceeds the standard range, turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen the shrapnel.

Micro-adjustable chuck may have 12 holes to adjust nuts. Rotating clockwise is to lock while rotating counterclockwise is to reduce torque values. However, it is not recommended to adjust by yourselves at will for fear that it will be easy to miss and loose the tools. If not operated well, the tap tools may crack.

Source: YAMAWA

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