Over 3000 machines are sold to more than 103 countries.
An annual 2.28 trillion PET bottles are produced by Chumpower machines.

CHUMPOWER PET Blow Molding Machines are currently operating steadily in various parts of the world.

*The annual production of the client machines in operation currently is calculated based on the official availability/uptime rate and theoretical productivity, excluding the machines in China.
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One-Stop ServicesMolds, machines, production lines, CHUMPOWER has everything you need.

Most ReliableFrom polar to tropical climates,CHUMPOWER machines are operating everywhere in the world.

Best ServicesMore than 1200 personnel visits in Global Aftersales Services

Conformity with Client RequirementsLarge enterprises, small enterprises, large bottles, small bottles, high-speed, special functions Customize the machine to your requirements

Mold Modeling and DesigningWe have mold specialists with over 20 years of experience. There are no bottle molds that we cannot handle.

Cloud-based Bottle Type DesignThrough our cloud designing platform, clients can complete the blow molding designs online.

Energy Saving ModelsGas recycling, high efficiency ovens ensure cost savings and environmental protection.

With over 35 years of history, CHUMPOWER is the largest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, and the CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines made in Taiwan are in stable operation in more than 103 countries. We can provide a comprehensive range of services, be it molds, production machines, full production lines, CHUMPOWER offers the best solutions.
Our clients are spread across the world. Even in the harshest climates (polar or tropical), CHUMPOWERmachines can maintain stable operations. At the same time, we have an extensive before-sales and aftersales team that can offer 1200 personnel visits in global aftersales services to ensure the optimal protection for your machines.
With a production and development team that has over 35 years of experience in development and high flexibility, we can discuss and customize the requirements for every individual case to construct business tools that conform to your requirements. Regardless of whether the product is used for beverages, water, cooking oil, daily products, or cosmetics, CHUMPOWER machines can help you achieve PET bottle production for every type of capacity.
In the past few years, CHUMPOWER has manufactured thousands of molds with different specifications. We have experienced teams, and invested large capital in constructing a mold production center. When combined with the carefully selected high-quality materials and our stringent quality control, the molds manufactured will have outstanding quality and precision, and come in different shapes. At the same time, we have also established a cloud-based mold-designing platform so that you will be able to complete your mold designs with our mold specialists through the internet!

PET is a well-known eco-friendly packaging material that has high recycling rates, and we are committed to improving the energy conservation rate of the machines. Through methods such as gas recycling and high efficiency heating ovens, higher efficiency can be achieved with less energy, enabling you to save costs and join CHUMPOWER as an Earth-friendly green enterprise.

We are not only PET specialists, we are also your best cooperation partner in PET systems.

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Blow Molding Machines

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Glory & Recognition

Integrity to build reputation, quality to determine future, innovation to accomplish dream, service to customer satisfaction

They are not just slogans that we stated on the web. We work by these principles with customer to achieve their goals, from presales consultation to after sales services. Our dedicated R&D team will ensure the most cost effective system is build. We have a successful story in helping our client to save few grams of preform weight while maintaining the same bottle characteristics obtained from the old preform. In the end, this new project has helped them to cut huge amount of savings in raw material cost. It is this kind of satisfaction that we are looking to provide.
Taiwan Excellence Award
CE Certified
ISO 9001 Certified




Authorized to public offering by Taipei Exchange in 2018



Inauguration of CHUMPOWER Industrial Precision Plant



Through constant growth, CHUMPOWERbecame a major corporation with a production base of over 85 thousand square meters of in the Greater China region, a capital of NT$ 250 million, and a staff force of over 500 employees.



Obtained 6000 square meters in Taichung City Precision Machinery Technological Park for the construction of a new R&D production center.



Established the Jia-Xing Plant; production base in Greater China region exceeds 50 thousand square meters.



Relocation of plants in Taiwan to the new Wuri Plant in Taichung that has over 20 thousand square meters.




Employee strength in Greater China and Thailand exceeded 200, company capital reached NT$ 110 million. Entered strategic alliance with major US companies, and began providing comprehensive services for whole PET production lines.
Began introducing titanium alloy materials into accessory products.



Establishment of Thailand branch



Chumpower tool chuck products entered medical markets.



Fully automatic PP blow molding machine was developed.



During the “Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show” (Taipei Plas), the new CPSB-2000W model stood out among the rest, allowing Chumpower to receive the excellence award of the highest honor once again.



Received the Taiwan Excellence Award, and the Rising Star Award issued to small and medium enterprises by the government.
In the same year, the accessory department authorized the patent to US company JACOBS; becoming long-term cooperation partners.




Obtained the European CE Certification



Passed TUV Certification, and received ISO9001 International Quality Certification.



The leading-technology Chumpower developed the second generation PET blow molding machine, winning the highest honor of the “Precision Plastics & Rubber Machinery” issued by the Taiwanese government.



First PET blow molding machine was developed in Taiwan.



Obtained the US Lockheed Certification and became a cooperative production partner. In the same year, Quinko Fujian Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in mainland China.



Completed technology transfer with Industrial Technology Research Institute and developed the first laser-cutting machine in Taiwan.




Quality and technology was acknowledge by government, becoming the component supplier for national defense industry.



Complied with government industrial upgrade policies to become a tool-chuck production plant of scale in Taiwan.



Chumpower Machinery Corp. was established and had capital of NT$ 5 million.