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One Stage Series
High Quality Assurance
L Series
High Productivity PET Blow Molding Machine
Phoenix Series
PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
W/L Series
Large Volume PET Blow Molding Machine
Global Marketing Acknowledged by clients distributed in more than 103 countries around the world.
PET SpecialistOver 3000 blow molding machines are sold around the world, offering leading designs, efficient and stable quality machines.
Taiwan ExcellenceTaiwan Excellence has won numerous awards, and it is one of the enterprises receiving key support from the Taiwanese government.

Mr. William Yang founded CHUMPOWER MACHINERY CORP. in 1981, which had a team with excellent innovation capacity and productivity. By 1994, CHUMPOWER developed the first fully automated PET blow molding machine in Taiwan, as well as the first high-speed, fully electric, linear PET blow molding machine in Asia. With 35 years of development, CHUMPOWER has become the largest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, becoming a leading brand that accounts for 85% of the PET blow molding machine exports. Over 3000 PET blow molding machines from CHUMPOWER are sold to more than 103 countries around the world, making it the second largest two-step PET blow molding machine manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region.