How CHUMPOWER Aims to Help Business Partners towards Industry 4.0
By CHUMPOWER  2018/03/13
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The idea of “Industry 4.0” first came up in EMO Hannover in 2011. In simple terms, Industry 4.0 consists of the massive application of automated robots, IoT of sensors, IoT of supply chain and big data analysis for sales and production; improvement of productivity and quality with human-machine coordination for the entire value chain of production; and the connection to and optimization of production-related elements.

Robots and data analysis are available tools for optimization, and the use of them depends on what the optimization is for. The optimized results lead to improvement in the yield rate of production as scrap materials are reduced, cutter longevity is improved, the cost of cutters is lowered and declining efficiency due to unexpected downtime is prevented, thus improving business competitiveness and profitability. As a leading player in the world in PET blow molding machine and precision components for machining stations , CHUMPOWER continues to introduce hardware and software for Industry 4.0, moving toward smart manufacturing and smart factory.

In the tide of Industry 4.0, machine tool suppliers start to raise their standards for the precision of parts and components. Featuring highly rigid design and improved robustness and precision of drill chucks, CHUMPOWER’s EX-POWER universal chuck series is perfect for the cutter changing system in general machining centers. The chucks feature long-lasting precision after long hours of machining. They are the top choice of high-precision components for a machine tool supplier aiming for Industry 4.0.

Apart from the application of Industry 4.0 in machine tools, CHUMPOWER is working hard on the application of data analysis and IoT in the design and manufacturing of PET blow molding machine and mold. SmartMold used to take 14 days to design and produce a mold, and now it takes 7. The improvement in production efficiency means that clients will be able to turn the production line on ahead of schedule.

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The big data analysis has its various applications in Industry 4.0. For example, a factory that has been bothered by the significant amount of money spent on cutting tools be benefited from extended service life time of these cutters thanks to data analysis; for a business that has a wide variety of production lines and is looking for a solution for the high costs of marketing and warehouse stocks, it is possible to optimize the analysis on client data, discussion threads posted on social network, regional growth of incomes and demographic distribution, thus achieving precision marketing, real-time supplies and reduced stocks.

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