Introduction of The Hydraulic Tool Holders
By CHUMPOWER  2018/02/14
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hydraulic tool holders

The hydraulic tool holders use the hydraulic chamber to store hydraulic power; make back-forth movement by the pressurized screw to change the chamber pressure and adjust oil pressure. The tool holders use two points 360o fully contacting the tool to hold it stably. This design can reduce vibration in cutting and increase machining precision.

The theory of hydraulic tool holders is that while pressing screw by wrench, it drives piston to move and turn to tighten up; and drives piston to send the hydraulic oil back to the chamber, causes huge pressure between the inner wall of clamping holes and tool, squeezes the residual grease and foreign matter into the ring groove; keep the inner wall of clamping holes clean and dry. The expanding wall will clamp the center part of clamping portion; hydraulic oil flows to the clamping portion of tool evenly through the oil runway.

CHUMPOWER hydraulic tool holders have high clamping force, high speed and high precision. The turning speed can get G2.5 30000RPM; the concentricity and repeatability are less than 0.005mm. Tools under the use of hydraulic tool holders are wide; tool connecting types include HSK, SK and JIS-BT, etc., clamped by tool center; the clamping range is within 3mm-32mm with different tool shapes; the offset precision can reach 3um.

The hydraulic tool holders are applied in normal milling machines and lathe-milling machine tools. Different cutting speed will affect spindle rpm and cutting depth. Different tool holders outline scheme will directly influence the machining program and fixture design, all external factors will appear on the cutting surfaces of parts.

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