Quick change tap collets holder
By CHUMPOWER  2018/01/19
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The quick-change tap collets is: use spring and balls to clamp the moving stroke; the special integrated-to-one positioning groove/key can align with the rear balls and clamp up tight; and the press-down casing can loosen the chuck for quick assembling/disassembling and positioning; reduce the tool-broken possibility.

CHUMPOWER quick-change tap collets/holder products have various types & sizes, including:

Quick-Change Tap Collet Chuck

The tap chucks are categorized to the torsional and rigid types, meet JIS, DIN, ISO & ANSI standards; able to prevent cutting tools and chucks from being overloaded; protect the tap chuck not to break up and extend cutting tool's lifetime.

Universal Rigid Tap Collet Chuck

Equipped with claw and spring, locked by screw/nut; prevent tool from slippery or loosened during threading process; applied to the traditional machine tools of all types; able to clamp thread sizes in a wide variety.

Quick-Change Tapping Chucks

With many types; including: telescopic buffer type, elongated telescopic buffer type, straight-shank type and Morse taper type; the threading range is within M2~M36 (TC312~TC1433), complete sizes under supply.

Tap Chuck Reducer

Used to convert the threading machines under different system; enable user to change the threading adapter easily; save cutting tool cost.

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