Introduction of Hex Key Drill Chuck
By CHUMPOWER  2017/11/17
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The Hex Key Drill Chuck has high precision and strong clamping force; they are applied in high, medium and low machining speed. The Hex Key Drill Chuck can two-way clamp cutter in machining, applied in both positive and reverse machining procedures, solve the cutter-loose problem due to sudden direction-change or instantaneous halt.

As compared with the ordinary chuck, the clamping force of this Hex Key Drill Chuck is 1.5-2 times higher than the ordinary one; able to satisfy the working requirements in drilling and tapping; operated by turning a hexagonal wrench, easy to operate with.

CHUMPOWER Hex Key Drill Chucks and Tool Holder conform to with international standards such as JIS, DIN, ANSI, ISO, MT and D, VDI ...; and can be used with tools such as drills, reamers, milling cutters, turning tools and tapping tools; fast cutter-change.

The "titanium-coated claw" design can effectively elevate at least 15% tool operating lifetime. Hex Key Drill Chuck is designed in Morse-taper, B Series and JT bore, able to associate with any tool holder; this product is widely sold in Europe and Asia.

Specification of Hex Key Drill Chuck arbor: arbor interface -GHK#-length (L)
GHK8S Clamping range 0.3~8mm (1/64”~5/16”)
GHK13S Clamping range 0.3~13mm(1/64”~1/2”)
GHK16S Clamping range 1.5~16mm(1/64”~5/8”)

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