Influence of mold temperature to blow molding
By CHUMPOWER  2017/09/28
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The blow mold temperature affects the quality, production capacity and purpose of blow products; to get good bottles and high production capacity, control of mold temperature plays a crucial role; PET blow mold is divided to cold-bottle mold and hot-bottle mold, introduced in below.

Cold blow mold 
This mold uses chiller to cool down mold; normally, the temperature is set to approx. 12~16oC, mainly applied to produce theater bottles and carbonated beverage bottles.

During the control of cold-bottle mold temperature, to elevate the production capacity, keep temperature lower; yet, under this circumstance, it is difficult to form complicate bottle shape. On the other hand, to form complicate bottle, it should elevate the temperature.

Hot blow mold
This mold is mainly applied to produce the thermo-filling bottles; heat the mold by mold heater or electric heater; normally, the temperature is set to approx. 120~145oC.

Temperature low:
1. Low crystallization speed and production capacity.
2. Lower crystallization rate; bottle’s fill-durable-temperature is relatively low.
3. Lower shrinkage rate; bigger filling volume.

Temperature high:
1. Higher crystallization rate; bottle’s fill-durable-temperature is relatively high.
2. Higher shrinkage rate; bottle shape needs to be specially designed.
3. Plastic material is easy to stick on mold; frequent maintenance and cleaning is required.

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