By CHUMPOWER  2017/07/10
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We can feel the welcome of Latin-style passion in the atmosphere as we alight from the plane. Our CHUMPOWER service team has flown over 16,462 km through 13 hours of jet lag to arrive in Colombia.

Here in Bogota, so near to the equator, it is hot in the day and chilly at night. Air-conditioning is not required at night, and foreign visitors like us might even have to wear jackets. Despite the large temperature differences, CHUMPOWER PET Blow Molding Machines are able to maintain stable operations.

When we arrived in our clients’ factory, we can see the CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines lined up in array. Some machines have “migrated” here years ago while some machines are recent additions.

These CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines are steadily producing bottles while the mission of our CHUMPOWER service team is to provide maintenance and parts replacement for the older machines to ensure optimal working state.

As of today, CHUMPOWER has accumulated over 35 years of extensive experience and has over two hundred employees in our Taiwan headquarters. On average, we have one senior employee with over ten years of seniority for every six employees, and half of these senior employees have over 15 years of experience, ensuring the continued imparting of experiences.

Regardless of high quality bottle demands, high productivity PET blow molding machines, preform design, mold design, and production line planning, CHUMPOWER will be your best professional consultant.

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