By CHUMPOWER  2017/06/09
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Russia is the 5thlargest country in the global machine tool consumption but limited by the impact from the regulation for export restriction from Europe and Japan. In the recent years, it was active in establishing the cooperation with suppliers from Asia.

Taiwan is currently the 3rdmachine tool supplier in Russia whileMetalloobrabotka is the biggest professional metal processing machine exhibition in scale, which is jointly hosted by Expocentre Exhibition Center and Russia Machine Tool Society every year. Last year (2016), it attracted totally 28,300 visitors which is 8.4% in growth on number of visitors compared with 2015.

The exhibition is located in the center of Moscow, which is favorable on its geological position for stretching the European and Asian continent with continuous crows. The booth for CHUMPOWER is located in 74B76 in Image Area of Taiwan.

The drill chuck from CHUMPOWER is of high quality, reasonable price, which is loved by the customers. Many customers with long-term stable cooperation specially visited the booth.

Russia is active in developing its defense industry, energy, rail transportation, aviation and shipbuilding industry.
In CHUMPOWER, its HSK precision power milling chuck of vertical milling, SK precision power milling chuck of vertical milling, CAT precision power milling chuck of vertical milling, BT precision power mulling chuck of vertical milling with its design for internal rolling needle could reduce its frictional resistance and parts abrasion while in locking tight.

The precision power milling chuck from CHUMPOWER is of high rigidity, high accuracy, high holding power, which is the best choice for the heavy duty cutting and high precision cutting.

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