214 hours in Malaysia
By CHUMPOWER  2017/03/13
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While many are still asleep in early morning, the engineers of CHUMPOWER, with their passports filled with the customs stamps of various countries, are departing a country with practiced ease. This team has just completed their service mission in the previous country, and now they are headed for their next stop-Malaysia.

Upon arriving in Malaysia, the team of foreign visitors had no time for admiring the beauty of modern Kuala Lumpur or the twin towers as they must immediately begin their mission, to serve the clients of CHUMPOWER in Malaysia. Although there were no issues of time difference, the hot weather has posed harsh challenges for the engineers, and of course, there is the local cuisine to adapt to.

They must complete their service at many different factories in less than 10 days. The journey across thousands of kilometers, almost an entire circuit of Malaysia, has taken up most of the time of the engineer team, so they must complete their mission at every factory in a shorter time. This is just a minor reflection of the various aftersales service teams of CHUMPOWER.

Although the PET bottle molding machines of CHUMPOWER have high stability, when unexpected issues arise, the engineers of the aftersales team must race across thousands of kilometers to the client factory. As Chumpower is committed to providing the best services, we have mobilized over 1200 personnel visits in global services in 2016.

“Every time, just when we were getting used to the environment, it is time to leave again.”

After near 10 days of providing services, with their hands still feeling the warmth of the clients’ grateful handshakes, the team of hardworking engineers left Malaysia to return to Taiwan as they prepare to provide their services in the next country.

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