The Production Capacity of Linear Blow Molding Machines is Greatly Improved with Monitoring, Intelligent Maintenance
The Production Capacity of Linear Blow Molding Machines is Greatly Improved with Monitoring, Intelligent Maintenance

Linear PET stretch blow molding Machine: L Series

The production capacity of CHUMPOWER's intelligent high-speed linear PET stretch blow molding machine CPSB-LSS8 has been further increased. 

The largest leading brand of PET stretch blow molding machines in Taiwan, and also a major professional manufacturer of PET stretch blow molding equipment in the Asia-Pacific region, CHUMPOWER Industrial Co., Ltd. and the Industrial Technology Research Institute have joined hands to improve the production capacity of linear blow molding machines through mechanical design optimization so that CHUMPOWER's high-speed linear The single-cavity production capacity of the CPSB-LSS8 type PET bottle blowing machine is increased from 2,250 BPH to 2,500 BPH, the total production capacity is increased from 18,000 BPH to 20,000 BPH, and the performance is increased by 10%, providing global packaging water and beverage customers with higher capacity and more stable PET bottle blowing equipment.

According to CHUMPOWER, in addition to the increase in production capacity, CPSB-LSS8 continues to add elements of "Industry 4.0". It uses a multi-point temperature detector to collect the temperature of each preform after heating and uses neural network-like modeling to use automatic compensation. The method actively adjusts the heating power (optional), so that each preform can have the same temperature at the same detection point, and will not cause heating instability due to changes in ambient temperature, which will affect the yield of the bottle. In addition, through real-time detection, The pressure value of each hole ensures the consistency of the blowing quality of each hole, so that CPSB-LSS8 can maintain the stability of each bottle no matter what the ambient temperature is.

In order to meet the needs of customers to quickly change the bottle shape, the molds of the CHUMPOWER blow molding machine are all self-made by CHUMPOWER. The mold manufacturing room with constant humidity and constant temperature adopts the top Swiss MIKRON processing machine in the industry, and the materials are made of high-quality alloys such as aluminum 7075 and stainless steel. , to complete the mold with high precision, high durability, and the best stability.

In addition, the BottleViewer intelligent bottle-blowing production system was independently developed by CHUMPOWER and won the Smart Machinery Award in 2018 TaipeiPlas, its clear battle panel (Plant Dashboard), only needs to use a computer browser and a handheld device to master all the products in the factory. Bao blow molding machine real-time production information, including production process, machine status, and other monitoring functions, at the same time, provides online repair and related maintenance reminders, you can directly complete the repair action on the handheld device, and any information about the machine will be displayed at the first time. Complete notification and direct communication with online engineers, making maintenance easier and faster.

In order to meet the different production needs of the industry, CHUMPOWER has launched the L series of linear blow molding machines for high production capacity, the W/L series for wide-mouth and large-volume bottles, the Phoenix series for economical production solutions and high-quality requirements. The one-stage series and the other four series of blow molding machines. In particular, CHUMPOWER provides a one-stop service and perfect pre-sale inquiry service. Through full discussion with the R&D team, the entire production line of the whole factory can be planned according to the production needs of customers, whether it is beverages, water, edible oil, daily necessities, cosmetics, etc., CHUMPOWER's blow molding machines can assist customers to complete the production of PET bottles of various capacities.

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Source: 工商時報

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