One-stage Blow Molding Machine Energy Saving and Low Carbon Emission
One-stage Blow Molding Machine Energy Saving and Low Carbon Emission

One-stage Blow Molding Machine: SS10-rPET Series

CHUMPOWER Industry announced the launch of the "One-stage Blow Molding Machine: SS10-rPET" series in line with the ESG world trend.

With the increasing awareness of ESG sustainability around the world, all walks of life have proposed carbon neutrality and net zero carbon emission strategies. Taiwan also proposed 2050 net zero carbon emissions and a path description at the end of March 2022, in line with the world.

PET bottles are the most widely used packaging materials for water, beverage, and food industries, and are also highly recycled plastic materials. Major global brands have also proposed sustainable packaging plans in response to ESG. In Taiwan, the Environmental Protection Agency is also planning to amend the law. Able to use 25% recycled materials for non-food and plastic bottles by 2025, such as plastic bottles for cosmetics, skin care products, detergents, etc.

The packaging industry has gradually paid attention to the impact of sustainable issues on the future of the industry. Compared with the use of virgin PET raw materials, the use of "rPET" will greatly reduce the energy consumed in the production of bottles and conversion processes, creating a low-carbon ESG sustainable for brand owners. continuation value.

Taiwan's leading brand of PET stretch blow molding machines - CHUMPOWER Industry is now exhibiting the "One-stage blow molding machine SS10-rPET" series for the first time at booth K0302 of the 2022 TaipeiPlas Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition, providing sustainable value to the global daily chemical industry rPET bottle packaging solution.

According to CHUMPOWER, the mechanical design of the SS10-rPET series is guided by "energy saving and emission reduction". Through continuous research and development of improved exhaust plasticizing barrier screws, it can effectively reduce the electricity consumption of baking materials.

And compared with the two-stage blow molding machine, the four-station simple design of the one-stage blow molding machine enables the preform to be directly blown after injection molding without secondary heating, which can achieve the purpose of energy saving and low carbon emission. CHUMPOWER strategically modularizes and simplifies the mechanism design, which not only reduces the design error rate but also improves the equipment utilization rate.

The finished bottle of the CHUMPOWER one-stage blow molding machine is bright, complete, and scratch-free, which is most suitable for high-quality bottle shapes and can meet the production needs of a small number of various bottle shapes. SS10-rPET series can also meet special-shaped bottles, daily chemical bottles, etc. The packaging needs of the industry's circular economy.

To meet the different needs of customers, Chuanbao can materialize customers' ideas, or convert flat 2D pictures into 3D three-dimensional bottle shapes. In the mold room, high-precision tool machines are used for manufacturing and processing. At the same time, the mold and machinery are supplemented to reduce disputes between them, from pre-sales planning, bottle design, bottle blowing machine, and whole line output to after-sales Service, CHUMPOWER provides a complete set of PET bottle solutions for global customers.

Source: 中時新聞網

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