By CHUMPOWER | 2017-03-12

Taiwan (R.O.C) is one of the top 5 exporting nations of machine tools worldwide. And TIMTOS is the largest international machine tool exhibition being held in Taiwan. TAITRA & TAMI cosponsored this event once every 2 years. Plentiful domestic and foreigner buyers choose to see Taiwanese machinery at this moment.

There were totally 4 locations being used as exhibition areas including TWTC Hall 1, TWTC Hall 3, TWTC Nangang, and EXPO Dome of TAIPEI EXPO Park.  More than 5,000 exhibitors participated in this event. Booth No. of CHUMPOWER was B0116 which was located at TWTC Hall 1.

Our team had been challenged on how to stand out among plentiful booths. Hopefully, a totally different image from before could be presented to customers. We decided the theme of decoration to be an industrial style that is popular at present. 

Drill chucks of CHUMPOWER could be skillfully integrated with heart-warming sense of fashion for visitors to view products of CHUMPOWER gracefully in the noisy exhibition.

CHUMPOWER treats every customer like family. After chatting with Korean agent, they found a small ingenuity in the booth arranged by team of CHUMPOWER. Few photo frames were hanged behind information desk including one of Korean agent that surprised them and made them felt like home.

Since last year we sensed the prosperity of machine tools had started to boom. Visitors of this event even exceeded 50,000 persons. During exhibition, our booth had been crowded with visitors. Besides local ones, there were visitors from S. Korea, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, and India. 

By means of rich productive experiences and precise skills, the sophisticated parts and accessories of CHUMPOWER are locally and internationally renowned for their excellent quality. Agents from Iran and S. Korea both visited our booth and generously shared their love for products of CHUMPOWER.

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