Mission for Trip to Congo

By CHUMPOWER | 2017-06-12

As soon as stepping onto Congo, the Africa hot air is oncoming. Without adjusting the jet lag and getting familiar to the severe weather, the engineers from CHUMPOWER drove 40 minutes to the customer’s plant after getting off the plane.

On the way, the dust and bumping road were accompanying the travel. For the team from Taiwan sitting at the back, someone was taking a break by closing their eyes and some of them were looking out of the window.
But they were thinking about the same thing: how to complete the task quickly.

Inside the plant, the PET blow molding machines were standing quietly inside the customer’s plant waiting for installation after tens of thousands of kilometer‘s transportations.

While in installation and commissioning, the CHUMPOWER team was also communicating with the engineers from the customer‘s side on the technical issues by sharing the experience and hopping that the machineries could operate and start the production in a shortest time.

” No matter where the PET blow molding machines go. Any countries and cities, we will go there whether it is for the machinery installation and after service. We are the strongest support to the customers of CHUMPOWER!”

said by one of the engineers.  He also showed his passport full of seals for immigration control.  It could not conceal his pride from his expression although we can sense the tired look from his face.

Mission for Trip to Congo
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