How the household chemicals vendor selects the PET blow molding machine

By CHUMPOWER | 2017-11-21

Nowadays, PET bottles have been widely used in packaging materials; except that the material itself has non-toxic, pressure-resisting and anti-permeable characteristics, PET material is light-weight, bright in appearance and toughness uneasy to break, thus widely becomes many consumers’ and producers’ favorite. PET bottles quickly grow up in the beverage market and gradually replace the traditional PVC, PC, PP & PE bottles, becoming the market mainstream.

Along with the upgrading of local consumption level, demanding on household chemicals bottle also gradually increases; the quality requirement is also getting higher and higher. From the high transparency, light and bright characteristics of PET bottles, many manufacturers are gradually using PET bottles to replace the traditional heavy and expensive packaging bottles.

CHUMPOWER Phoenix series PET blow molding machine can provide complete solution to the shapes of household chemicals bottles; the neck diameter range is from 12mm to 63mm. Machine structure applies modular component design, easy for maintenance, smaller area occupied; with low investment costs and provides diverse-type and small-amount production to have customers high competitive advantage.

CHUMPOWER Fully-Electric PET blow molding machine L-series are equipped with servo motors and controllers, applying high-speed and precise blow-valve design, with both high-speed production and precise control requirements; they not only can meet the strict precise-dimension requirements of household chemicals bottle production, also, they have very outstanding performance and assessing credit under massive, rapid and stable production conditions.

Due to the quality and dimension requirements of cosmetic bottles, except having the cleanness and beautiful appearance comparable to glass containers, it makes high-grade requirements on size and volume in the highly competitive price market. In recent years, CHUMPOWER is committed to develop the one stage PET blow molding machine series, the integrated production process has combined the injection molding and bottle-blowing processes; as compared to the traditional production mode that needs higher mold investment and wider factory area.

In one-stage blow molding machine, the injection and bottle blowing are performed in the same one machine; factory no longer needs to prepare both the injection molding machine and blow molding machine separately in production, and thus can largely save the factory space and cost involved.

For the consumer market that needs diverse-type and small-amount production and specially designed bottle types, the one stage blow molding machine series provide a very complete solution to customers. Except that the cost of molds is much lower than the traditional two stage production method, one-station production design can eliminate the preforms do not come into contact with other objects during transporting process, and keep the finished products with bright and flawless appearance, enhance a lot of texture feeling and product value.

How the household chemicals vendor selects the PET blow molding machine
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