Advantages of servo system applied in PET blow molding machine
By CHUMPOWER  2017/12/18
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A servo system is an automatic control system that can output the controlled data of object’s location, orientation and status, and change these data along with the input-target (or setting). Its main task is to follow the requirements of the control commands to amplify, change and regulate output power; enable the torque, speed and position outputted from the driver being controlled in a very flexible and convenient matter.

The servo system firstly was originally applied in boat’s auto-pilot, canon control and commanding meters; it then was extended to many fields, particularly the auto-lathe, antenna-location control and missile and spacecraft guiding, etc.

The reason of using servo system mainly is to control large power loading by small-power commanding signals; under no mechanical linking state, use the input axle to control remote output one to fulfill simultaneous and remote transmission; as well as have the mechanical distance output tracks down the telecommunication signal precisely, such as the recording and indication instruments/gauges, etc. So far the servo system is used in the fields of a wide variety, such as the machine tools, special machines, electric-drive vehicles and robots, etc.

The CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines also apply the servo system. It can directly activate the movement, control output power scale and decide moving speed to reduce energy loss. The servo system also can adjust the speed-varying section, location and speed and largely reduces vibration and noise made from mechanism operation; and increases the lifetime of PET blow molding machine parts.

Servo system can simultaneously control multiple axles by means of electronic cam; the connection of actions from different axles needs not to go through external inspection or other program operation, which can reduce the reacting time, elevate blow molding speed and obtain high production capacity. Servo motor has smaller size and higher power-transmission efficiency, allowing downsizing the installing space while working with ball screw and timing belt; make the PET blow molding machine takes smaller space and thus client can have bigger space for other usage.

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