By CHUMPOWER  2017/02/22
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It is so hot in Ho Chi Minh City in February that you can hardly feel that it is winter. It has been one year since we last visited Vietnam. Back then, motorcycles were the predominant type of transport, but now the cars on the streets have exceeded motorcycles. The city is still crowded with people coming and going.

Visit to two client factories two days before the exhibition
The first factory, which manufactures condiment PET bottles and bottle caps, has built a new plant beside the original plant, so it is obvious that business is good. The other factory is a local plastic company in Vietnam that manufactures containers for chemical solvents. They have grown rapidly from a small factory into a business entity with two production plants, and have over 50 sets of machine in operation in just a few years. With the reliable production of CHUMPOWER PET bottle molding machines, the reliability of CHUMPOWER machines will offer clients confidence in production.

In Vietnam, there are soft drinks with assorted colors, red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, etc. The colorful beverages are very popular among the locals that even the laundry detergents and dish detergents are colored.

In terms of beverage packaging, there are few options. La Viet is currently the largest brand in Vietnam and the bottles have ordinary styles. The 20L drinking water containers are predominantly recyclable hard containers, like the majority of the South East Asian countries.

PLASTICS VIETNAM is organized for the second time and there are 3-4 similar rubber/plastic machinery exhibition events in Ho Chi Minh City each year, so the economic prospects of Vietnam are promising. CHUMPOWER PET stretch blow-molding machines offer fast speeds, high reliability, and provide many forms of PET solution. The Phoenix series is very suitable for a fast developing market like Vietnam. Currently, many local factories in Vietnam are using the series for reliable productions.

CHUMPOWER Phoenix Series – High Reliability at Reasonable Prices
1.     Automatic feed, heating and blow-molding
2.     Patented link adjustment for easy maintenance
3.     Universal heating design, applicable to a variety of products
4.     Touch-control interface for easy operation
5.     Modular designs for easy maintenance
6.     Cost-effective for increased competitiveness
7.     Small machine footprint

CHUMPOWER Phoenix Series

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