One Stage Series SS70M

Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine (10ml-12L Bottles)

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Wide Product Range
Multiple cavity processing capability(up to 12 cavity), for bottle with volume from 100ml(12 cavity)to 12L(single cavity)in PET, PET-G, or TRITAN. One machine for wide range of bottle type.
Economy, energy-efficient method of production
Without the need to outsource preforms or for additional capital investment in injection machinery purchase, single stage process provides advantages of lower operational cost and occupies less floor space(No need for preform storage). Since this process does not required secondary heating, With the help from servo driven injection system coupled with hybrid hydraulic system, CPSB-SS70M is able to save up to 45% in energy consumption while improving the overall output by 30%.
The First in the Industry, Bottle with Integrated Handle
Conventional two-stage process for PET bottle with handle can be done either by pre-insert or post-insert method. CHUMPOWER SS70M is the first single stage blow molding machine to form the handle during the injection stage, followed by stretch and blowing to form the final bottle with integrated handle. A new innovation patented by CHUMPOWER.
63mm neck, 6 cavity production output
For maximum output, CHUMPOWER SS70M can handle up to six cavity for 63mm neck finish, which is commonly used in packaging sector.
All-electriv injection system for precision and high repeatability
All-eletric injection system allows for higher injection stability type, not only the injection stability over the hydraulic type, not only the injection cycle can be controlled more precisely, therefore saving more materials and energy.
Servo driven sealer and clamping mechanism
Servo driven sealer mechanism for fast and accurate command execution; while blow mold is also servo driven to achieve precise synchronization and accuracy component movement without the negative effect od contamination from hydraulic oil.

  • CPSB-SS70M

    Injection Cavities: 1~12

    Blow Cavities: 1~12

    Theoretical Shot Volume: 493

    Injection Capacity: 448

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